Friday, November 30, 2012

The Big Move

We're finally here in Redmond, Washington! We were greeted on the first day of our arrival with clouds and rain, which is expected of the west coast.  When I was a kid, I've always wanted to move to Vancouver, so it's kind of nice to be living in Seattle especially with all the seafood and coffee.  (mmm starbucks coffee will only feed to my addiction, maybe I'll get another gold card ;p)

It's been a crazy ride this year for both me and Mr. C! If you asked me a year ago where I saw myself, I would probably say working crazy shifts in the lab.  Who knew we'd be here? After one purple and pink wedding, a paradise honeymoon, and Mr. C leaving to the States, we are finally together!

After major encouragement from friends, I've decided to start this blog to chronicle our new life together, and my crazy adventures during the day.  It is a definitely a fresh start for us and I'm glad I can share part of our lives with old and new friends and family! 

So why purple umbrella?  Well my co-workers got me one for my going away present, but a funny thought also occurred to me.  It kind of reminded me of the phrase "seeing life through rose-colored glasses".  Instead of glasses maybe I just see life through a purple colored umbrella! Maybe we should all try to see the brighter things in life.  :) 

❤  J