Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a very happy and wonderful Christmas holiday.  Was it a white Christmas for you this year? I hope you had a lot of yummy food to eat and holiday cheer! I can't believe Christmas has come and gone.  It's pretty crazy how we spend so much time and effort on one event, and then it just passes like a blink of the eye.  Nonetheless it was one of my best times of 2012! 
On Saturday, we went downtown Seattle again hoping to explore the aquarium.  hehe, we ended up walking behind Pike's Place around the pier.  It was really busy this Saturday, so again we couldn't make it into the Starbucks or Pirosky, Pirosky.  I was a little disappointed, but maybe next time I'll get to go in.  Some how we ended up at Ivars Seafood restaurant and had a nice lunch.  We were seated by the window so we got to see HUGE seagulls and ferries coming and going.  Mr C had the clam chowder with a salmon BLT as did I.  The calm chowder was okay.  Not too salty, but kind of lacking in seafood - mainly just potatoes.  Afterwards we walked back up to Pike's Place and passed by the gum wall.  What's a gum wall? Well, it's a wall plastered with gum (it's okay if you just let out a big "YUCK").  It's actually a sight to see...actually a gross sight to see.  Being in the lab profession, I couldn't help but cringe at the thought of the bacteria everywhere.  Mr C was quite amused, I was amused for 2 minutes before the gum/spit smell got to me.  I had to leave asap.  

On Christmas eve, we baked an 11 pound turkey.  It was pretty funny watching Mr C cleaning the turkey.  hahaha, I think he was horrified when he had to reach into the turkey to remove the neck and gibblets.  I too let out a scream when they finally came out of the turkey hahaha.  Anyways, the turkey was a success! Mr. C also made bread which was yummy.  The smell of instant yeast brought back memories of yesterday years of the microbiology lab.  I remember how I secretly enjoyed the smell of a pure culture of C. albicans (ok, I'm a dork... don't laugh).  I also got a chance to make gingerbread cookies and we decorated them too! There's me and Ian, can you tell who decorated who?

On a side note, I finally got butternut squash soup right (yeah, high five)! I've been trying to make this for awhile, and this weekend I made it perfectly! Just fry up 1 onion, and then add 5 carrots, half a butternut squash and enough chicken stock to cover everything.  Leave it to boil and then turn down the heat.  Once everything is soft, use a blender to mix it up.  We added Chinese 5 spice which added a nice cinnamon flavor.  Absolutely delicious and nutritious!  Add a dollop of yoghurt!

The best part of the day was the gift giving.  Mr C got me a year subscription to birch box!!!! I've been eying this since last summer when I discovered it online but couldn't get it because they didn't ship to Canada.  Now, I'll be graced monthly with my beauty samples (super excited!!!).  I got Mr C a large Bodum french press and a wedding photobook, which I secretly worked on for 1 week straight.  I think he really likes it :).  What did you get for Christmas this year?

Well, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.  I'm not sure what I'll be doing this week.  Maybe some food dishes.  Any requests?  It's a short week, so I'm looking forward to the weekend.  I know I should study for my board exams, but that can wait until January right? 
Pike's Place in the afternoon

My lovely birchbox gift
See you later! <3 J 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Successful Dish!

Hello hello! Happy Hump Day.  I'm glad it's the middle of the week, aren't you?  Anyways, I kind of changed up my blog.  Hope you like the new layout.  I tried my hand at Photoshop, but that wasn't really successful, but hey at least I learned something! I just ended up changing random things off blogger... lol, another day?  I found a lot of beautiful backgrounds from this site ( and decided it fit my blog nicely!

Hawaii Airport
Hawaiian Hello Kitty welcomes you
Anyways, I just wanted to blog because I am sooo happy? Why you ask? Well I was successful in making a curry katsu dish! I've wanted to make this dish for awhile now after our honeymoon to Hawaii.  For those who are wondering... "what the heck is katsu?", well, it's basically a pork cutlet (breaded with panko).  It's really delicious - oh how I love the taste of curry with rice. I basically followed this recipe ( minus the dipping sauce (I wanted to add my own curry on the side).  I had a fun time whacking the pork with the back of my knife.  For those people who are stressed, get yourself a pork chop and start whacking! haha.. After that, I just drenched it in flour, egg and then panko (haha my favorite ingredient) and then I pan fried them with 1/8 cup of oil (make sure there's a layer of oil to actually fry those babies).  Just 5 minutes on each side will ensure a well cooked cutlet! You should give it a try... it's easier then it looks.  I think it turned out really well.  Pretty much tasted like the real deal except this was half the cost and provided us with 4 servings.. too bad it doesn't come with nice weather and palm trees right? Take care.  <3 Janet  

Ingredients: Flour, egg and panko
Curry Katsu.  YUM!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1 Week before Christmas

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is doing great! There were some blizzard warnings over the weekend, but I've yet to see snow in the north east areas of Seattle! We will see if it will be a white Christmas this year.

Anyways, did everyone have a great weekend? Since it's December, and the weather is getting cold, I know a lot of people have been falling ill, which has put a lot of unneeded stress on people.  Try not to feel stressed out and try to think of the little things in life that make you smile :) It's easy to be consumed by work, but just remember that we are so fortunate in life.

On the weekend, I woke up to pancake breakfast (YUMMO!).  This is Mr C's famous pancake breakfast, the best out there.. IMO.  I wasn't feeling well the night before so I was happy to see some food (even android man is eying the food).  Over the weekend, I tried king crab for the first time in potato salad, ate some good sashimi, enjoyed the company of new people, and tried a new dim sum place.  We tried a place called Joi ( that was recommended by someone.  Funny enough we actually bumped into them the next morning at dim sum, small world huh?  It's actually not too bad.  I would recommend it for it's atmosphere, and some of the food items were pretty good. We went around noon, and some of the food items were kind of cold, but still very true to taste.  I wish I had taken pictures, maybe next time?

Anyways, as the holidays are approaching, I can't help but feel excited! Since it's our first Christmas together, we kind of went all out.  We got a Christmas tree, wrapped up presents and even bought a mini turkey (no, not a chicken... lol).  I'm so excited about Mr C's reaction when he opens up my present for him.  I hope he likes it!  Please let me know how you will be celebrating Christmas, I would love to know!

Take care everyone.  1 WEEK until Christmas! Woohoo.  

Friday, December 14, 2012


Thank goodness it's Friday! Woohoo, it's Friday and I don't have to worry about working the weekend.  Crazyness.  Anyways, hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the weekend.  These past 2 days have been great here in Seattle - no rain (woohoo, *clap clap clap*). I took advantage of the wonderful weather and went out to check out Redmond Library and Bellevue Mall.  They are both very busy places during the day!

Yesterday for dinner I made some marinaded chicken breast and avacado fries.  Yes friends, I tried to be adventurous.  I made avacado fries :P... yes they can be baked.  I basically coated them with panko flakes, eggs and flour and baked them.  They came out nice and cripsy, great with ketcup, but alone they were bitter.  How can something so soft and nutty become so bitter? WHY!? Who knew they would become so TERRIBLE after?  Well not terrible, they looked great and for the most part tasted good (slathered with ketchup).  Anyways, after some bing searches, I learned that avacadoes should never be cooked because they become bitter.  Oh well! I learned something new -- you did too! :D

Also, Mr C's special Christmas came in the mail today.  I'm so happy with how it turned out.  I'll let you guys know after the holidays what it was.  Also, I started to make jewelry again.  I forgot how relaxing it can be.  

Asian inspired Chicken
Avocado Fries

Enjoy the weekend! 
<3 J


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Week 3

Hello everyone, another entry for week 3.  Nothing new to share, the weather is the same - rainy.  I've developed a better routine these days.  It's nice to have some structure and goals during the day. 

Anyways, this week I tried my hand at making Bulgogi (a Korean style marinaded beef).  It came out really well actually, sweet and savory just like the restaurants.  I followed a recipe that I found online.  If you're interested this is the recipe I followed (  It really is a great and easy marinade to use on almost everything.  I might try it with chicken next time.  I also made a side dish of Chinese vegetables with garlic.

Cooking is so much fun! I love how you have to multi-task and in a way be adventurous.  Kind of reminds me of being in a Blood Bank again.  Mr C tried it after work, and he said it was, and I quote "Amazing!".  I could tell it was his favourite dish so far because he almost ate it all!  Another sucessful recipe to add to my book!

On a side note, I recently made a picture frame drawing board.  I pretty much draw little pictures and messages for Mr. C whenever I can.  This week's theme is Google's android man.  lol, enjoy the little drawing.  Hope it brightens up your day as it does mine.  

Take care and until next time!

<3 Janet

Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend: Seattle

As Christmas day approaches I can surely feel the holiday spirit in the air.  It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I see the Christmas trees and different Christmas paraphernalia in the stores. I especially enjoy hearing the Christmas carols everywhere we go.  My favorite thing about the states is the beautiful decorations everywhere. It seems like the US really take their Christmas serious which I love!  This will be our first Christmas together so we plan to make it special - baked goods and Turkey! Can't wait and will definitely post some pictures.

On Saturday, we bused to Seattle to meet up with our friend at Pike's Place.  I secretly love the crowds here and the excitement in the air!  I love the little flower vendor booths there! I'll definitely get some flowers once it is warmer.  We each had a creamy savory clam chowder at Pike's Place Chowder - perfect for the cold weather. How I wish I had a bowl right now!   Next we stopped at Le Panier for some goodies on the go.  Unfortunately they got all soggy when we got home, but still delicious nonetheless. 

How did you spend your weekend?

<3 J
Macaroons at Le Panier
Tree outside South Centre
Pike's Place

Friday, December 7, 2012

Exploration 1

Well folks, it's been about 1 week since I left Toronto.  The funny thing about Washington is the rain.  Well... you never really know when it will rain.  Sometimes it rains really hard and sometimes it just spits rain. Lesson learned: just carry an umbrella with you at all times! (it's so heavy though.. poo poo)

Anyways, we've been exploring the city pretty much everyday.  Basically checking out all the super markets and the stores that the States has to offer.  I'm still amazed at the wide selection of everything the US has to offer.  More then often we are in awe at all the products.  We just stand in front of the butter section trying to figure out which butter to pick (I say just pick the one with the best picture lol).  I've had plenty of time to discover cooking (something I rarely had the chance to do since my mom was the master of the kitchen.. lol).  Yesterday I made cheddar cheese scones for Mr C using this recipe:   Also tried my hand on butternut squash mash. 

Here's how they turned out. Pretty good for my first time right? Cheesy goodness, that's for sure.