Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Card Making: Pennant Inspired Cards

Hey everyone,

Hope you're having a great Tuesday.  Not much on my end, except we've been having really beautiful weather lately.  I'm currently working on a few new needle felting projects for my Etsy store.  I tried wet needle felting for these projects, so I'm just waiting for them to dry! Hopefully it will work out and I'll have 2 new creations tomorrow (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!).

Today, I decided I was in the mood for card making.  I came up with these 2 cards.  I really love pennants so I decided to make my cards focused around them  I'm hoping to stock up on more card stock as I only have purple card stock in my collection (so sad... :P).  I also decided to try machine sewing on them as well.  I think they came out pretty well.  Mr C was surprised you could sew on paper, but I knew my Singer could do it :D.   What do you guys think?


Take care,


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